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What you would like to see on Kyberswap! You can share include:
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Crypto Index/Basket of Assets
Since the KyberSwap network has cross-chain functionality, it already has access to multiple liquidity aggregators. I would like to see the platform offer indexes for crypto tokens. For example, a blue chip token basket that is weighted by market cap and rebalances monthly or quarterly. CoinMarketCap has an API available that provides coin rankings and includes marketcap data. This would be similar to the S&P500 as an example and would help users who don't know as much about crypto or would have difficulty learning/buying multiple assets across the market. I think it would be worthwhile to start with a crypto top 10 by market cap. For example, we could create a new token (Token A) that represents the top 10 coins by marketcap. If $1000 worth of Token A was purchased and BTC has 50% of the weight in that fund, then $500 would be allocated to BTC and $500 would be split amongst the rest of the tokens in the top 10. Since you already have an on-ramp to purchase crypto, it would be beneficial to add the option for recurring buys. This would treat those tokens as better investing tools for more people to be exposed to this market. Adding a function to rebalance monthly or quarterly would also help with large price fluctuations/volatility in the market. As a tertiary benefit, the Kyber Network would have more funds locked up in these index. The Dao could utilize a portion for staking to support the transaction fees of rebalancing or pay back token holders (or offer more voting KNC as incentives for holding into these indexes for longer periods of time). Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
Lynex (Linea)
( https://www.lynex.fi/ ) ( https://app.lynex.fi/ ) Lynex is a groundbreaking decentralized exchange (DEX) and liquidity marketplace on the Linea blockchain, designed to facilitate token swapping, liquidity provision, and participation in governance through the $LYNX token. It stands out as a dynamic protocol ecosystem where users and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) can engage in a variety of DeFi activities. Lynex aims to solve the 'cold start liquidity' problem for emerging protocols and provide established projects with a sustainable approach to liquidity incentives. The platform is built on the Linea blockchain, chosen for its advanced technology, potential for widespread adoption, and strong community support. Lynex focuses on democratizing liquidity provision by simplifying the process for both novice and experienced liquidity providers (LPs) through features like Automated Liquidity Management (ALM) and dynamic fee structures. It also introduces innovative concepts such as elastic liquidity pools for dynamic market adaptation and a gauge voting system that aligns incentives towards pools generating higher fees. Lynex’s ethos revolves around transforming DeFi to be more inclusive, innovative, and community-driven. Its mission is to revolutionize DeFi by providing a user-friendly, transparent, and secure platform that empowers every participant. Lynex is more than just a DEX; it's envisioned as a movement towards a more empowered and inclusive financial future, continuously evolving to meet user needs and drive DeFi innovation on the Linea blockchain.
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